Ryu!Say! (nudrive) wrote in flower_ldh,

[Modpost] Concerning Posts

I have decided that in order to avoid having to cross post and spamming people's f-lists as a result, I am no longer going to post E-Girls activities to this community. This means posts that are exclusive to E-Girls such as PV's, performances etc. will no longer be put here. If you wish to follow those activities please join exile_girls

However articles/ videos that may contain other members of E-Girls but are not exclusively E-Girls videos are ok. I understand that this will be confusing. Therefore I propose that if in doubt just post it to both communities.It's not a problem if there are posts on here, I just want to avoid cross-posting too much.

So all in all
flower_ldh - Flower's activities as a group as well as member's solo activities.
exile_girls - Flower activities within E-Girls

Hopefully this will also benefit those who may just follow Flower and not E-Girls ^_^

Tags: !modpost
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